Yomi Robot-Assisted Surgery

Yomi Robot-Assisted Dental Surgery is cleared by the FDA in the United States as a computerized navigational system intended to provide assistance in both the planning (preoperative) and the surgical (intraoperative) phases of dental implantation surgery. The system provides software to preoperatively plan dental implantation procedures and provides navigational guidance of the surgical instruments.

Indications For Use

Yomi provides assistance to the surgeon in planning and placing your implants. This allows for precision, a natural look and feel, and the ability to quickly make surgical plan changes when needed. Yomi also allows your surgeon to quickly make changes to your surgical plan. Ultimately, this solution can allow for less invasive dental implant surgery. We should note that Yomi is not indicated for use in treating patients with no teeth.

What Can I Expect With Yomi Robot-Assisted Surgery?

If Yomi is right for you, your dental team will create a custom treatment plan using its software. During surgery, Yomi will assist your surgeon, providing important information that your surgeon can feel, hear, and see. Yomi will guide your surgeon to place your implant precisely to plan.

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Learn How Berks Oral Surgery + Dental Implant Center Can Restore Your Smile With Yomi Robot-Assisted Implant Dentistry

With the aid of Yomi Robot-Assisted Dental Surgery, our practitioners have an advanced guidance system to rely on as they plan and perform your dental implant placement. Because this advanced guidance is available, we can make your procedure less invasive and more precise. For more information on this and other ways in which we use technology to provide better smile restorations, contact Berks Oral Surgery + Dental Implant Center today at 610-374-4093.