Regain Your Smile With New Teeth Today®

New Teeth Today® is a revolutionary dental implant procedure where an entire arch of missing/failing teeth is replaced with non-removable, fixed, natural-looking, functional teeth — all in ONE day, in ONE procedure. It offers patients the most natural, aesthetic, and long term treatment solution to missing/failing teeth in ONE DAY.

New Teeth Today® does not involve invasive bone grafting procedures, which can lengthen the treatment process; instead, the team at Berks Oral Surgery is able to provide an immediate, graftless, treatment solution in one day.

Do these statements sound familiar to you?

  • “Imagine if I could fully enjoy eating again.”
  • “Smiling and laughing without thinking about it would be great.”
  • “I want my dentures to be reliable in my mouth.”

Berks Oral Surgery + Dental Implant Center has a solution to these with New Teeth Today®!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does New Teeth Today® compare to traditional dentures?

New Teeth Today® provides a significant improvement in quality of life compared to dentures.

While dentures are the most simple way to replace missing teeth, they have limitations in quality of life, such as instability, need for removal at night, discomfort, and they can restrict enjoyment of eating.

New Teeth Today®, instead, offers a solution to uncomfortable dentures with stable, non-removable, comfortable, and natural-looking teeth that can restore confidence in eating and smiling.

What are New Teeth Today® patients saying?

The #1 thing we hear is that they wish they would have known about the procedure before and done it sooner!

Patients report surprise and excitement at how seamless the procedure was and how minimal pain was involved — and in one day, they receive new teeth after years of failing dentistry, painful procedures, embarrassment, and missing teeth.

Why choose Berks Oral Surgery + Dental Implant Center for New Teeth Today®?

We’re passionate about the New Teeth Today® procedure and working with the restorative dentist and dental lab technician to ensure the best possible result.

Berks Oral Surgery + Dental Implant Center is recognized as an official All-on-4® treatment concept Center of Excellence by Nobel Biocare, the world’s leading manufacturer of dental implants.

We have performed hundreds of New Teeth Today® cases with tremendous success. We have perfected ways to predictably place implants in nearly any situation, allowing opportunity for this life-changing procedure.

We are honored to be chosen for your care — and whether you are local or traveling from out of town, we want you to be as comfortable as possible during your visit to us! For places to stay or local amenities, check out our Out of Town Concierge details!

NTT Before and After

How Does It Work?

The Nobel Guide treatment concept is an exciting implant treatment that enables our surgeons, in concert with the restoring dentist, to efficiently and effectively transform expertly pre-planned treatment into a clinical reality. With this, it is possible to surgically place dental implants using a flapless, surgical technique to obtain primary stability and to insert permanent teeth during a SINGLE APPOINTMENT. The implants are placed and the teeth are inserted in only one visit!

On the day of implant placement, the doctors will remove any nonrestorable teeth and infected tissue and precisely place dental implants within the bone. During this procedure, the restorative dentist works with our surgeon and prepares temporary, yet highly aesthetic, non-removable teeth that are custom fabricated for the patient’s face and smile line. The patient leaves the office with a stable, attractive, functional smile. Within a few months, the implants will have totally fused to the natural bone, and the temporary prosthesis will be replaced with a stronger, permanent one. In certain situations, the final prosthesis can be delivered at your initial surgery.

If you would like to learn more about this life-changing treatment modality or to see if you would be a candidate for New Teeth Today®, All-on-4, or Nobel Guide Teeth in an Hour, please contact our office. Additional information is also available at

What Our Patients Are Saying About New Teeth Today®

Berks Oral Surgery + Dental Implant Center is trusted by patients and professionals to provide the absolute highest level of surgical care in a friendly, compassionate, and professional setting.

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