3D CT Digital Imaging

Berks Oral Surgery + Dental Implant Center was the first surgical practice in Berks County to have its own cone beam CT scanner. This technology has wide ranging applications, and it proves particularly helpful in dental implant therapy.

Our CT scanner provides us with three-dimensional images of a patient’s jaws, which allows for better presurgical treatment planning and virtual surgery. As a result, it becomes easier to provide safe and precise implant placement. This also allows us to dramatically shorten surgical time thereby reducing post-operative pain, and swelling.

In some cases, teeth may be placed on the implants on the same day of surgery due to the information gathered from preoperative computer planning!

In addition to its uses in implant therapy, our CT scanner is useful in planning jaw reconstructive surgery and complex pathology cases. Radiation exposure from cone-beam CT scanners is more conservative than other forms of imaging technology. There is significantly less radiation emitted from this technology than from hospital grade CT scanners and often less than a full-mouth series of what a dental images requires. CT scans performed in our facility are typically significantly less expensive than those performed in hospitals or imaging centers.

Learn More About The Role CT Imaging Plays In Treatment Planning At Berks Oral Surgery

Berks Oral Surgery relies on advanced technology like our 3D CT imaging technology to provide better treatment experiences, and outcomes for patients. If you would like to learn more about this technology and the benefits of its use, call Berks Oral Surgery at 610-347-4093.