Planning Implant Placement With 3D Imaging

exeter 3d imaging

Dental implants can address a single lost tooth, or even support a new smile in one appointment! Regardless of your level of tooth loss, we take time to ensure placement and restoration with precision and accuracy. Our oral surgery and dental implant clinics in Berks County, PA, will plan and guide your dental implant placement with 3D CT digital imaging!

Replacing Your Missing Teeth

When you suffer from tooth loss, this leaves behind gaps in your smile that could cause serious complications. For example, missing teeth could limit your meal options, make clear speech difficult, and may even increase the risk of misalignment and with it, tooth decay and gum disease. Tooth loss also strains the jaw joint so TMJ disorder and bruxism (teeth grinding) could develop. But the most severe complication is the loss of mass and density in the jawbone, which occurs as the body stops sending doses of calcium and phosphorus to the jaw around the missing root. This means a breakdown linked to further tooth loss and for some, a prematurely aged appearance. But with dental implants, we can help avoid these complications, and for precision we plan the process with 3D imaging.

Planning Treatment with Advanced Imaging Technology

Our team is proud to offer the cone-beam CT scanner as part of the treatment process, so we can plan placement and guide the dental implants into their proper positions. The scanning technology enables us to capture detailed 3D images of your entire smile and jaw, from multiple angles as well. Our team can make sure there is enough jawbone to support new teeth, and then choose the best angle, position, and depth to insert the posts, so they can stay in place and support your new restoration or prosthetic, and address your tooth loss. The same technology could also be used to plan and implement reconstructive jaw surgery, grafting and other complex cases. The system uses less radiation than traditional scanning technologies, and the images are available instantly chairside, so your diagnosis requires less time in the chair.

Continuing Your Placement Process

Once we capture these images and plan your treatment, we can then insert the dental implants, which sometimes happens in the same visit if we gather certain details ahead of time. If you have any questions about 3D imaging and placement, then contact our team today to learn more. You deserve a full smile, and we want to make that possible!

We Offer Replacement Teeth for Patients in Wyomissing, Exeter, Hamburg, and Ephrata!

Our team plans any and all treatments with precision using advanced technology. For more information on how we plan and place dental implants, give us a call at Berks Oral Surgery in Berks County, PA at (610) 374-4093 today!

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