We’re Ready To Treat Your Facial Trauma

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When you sustain a serious injury to your face, one that could break or fracture facial bones or cause tooth loss, then you need immediate treatment. Our team can correct these injuries with oral surgery. Our oral surgery and dental implant clinics in Berks County, PA, are ready to help address your facial trauma!

When to Seek Oral Surgery

When you sustain a serious injury to your face or jaw, one that damages teeth or knocks them out, or causes damage to your jaw and facial bones, then you should contact our team. We have years of training and experience in treating facial injuries, not only improving the function and health of your smile, but taking your overall facial aesthetics into account too. In fact, our doctors are also members of the trauma team at Reading Hospital, so we can offer care following the same strict guidelines and protocols as a hospital operating room.

Facial and Tooth Trauma

When an injury occurs to the face, including the mouth and jaw, we can help reposition and correct the injuries, treating your smile and improving your facial aesthetics too. Our team can treat teeth that have been knocked out completely, or knocked loose and damaged. We can stabilize these teeth and help them heal, providing detailed aftercare instructions to ensure a proper healing period afterward. When a tooth is broken or knocked loose/out, don’t delay, as this increases the risk of infections and other complications from occurring. If the tooth cannot be saved, we can discuss replacement with dental implants.

Soft Tissue Injuries

If your gums or intraoral tissues, or the skin around your face and mouth, are damaged, then we can suture them together and ensure they heal properly. We’ve taken on complex soft tissue injuries and created some amazing results.

Damaged Bone Structure

When you have damaged facial bone structure, or fractures and breakage in the jaw, we can stabilize these bones and help them heal properly, in a way that not only ensures your bite can function properly but that you can enjoy good facial esthetics too.

If you have any questions about how we take on facial trauma and damaged teeth, or about rebuilding your smile following a severe accident or injury, then please contact our team today. We want to help you enjoy optimal results and a healthy smile in 2024 and beyond, and that starts with an initial consultation with our team, so reach out today.

Schedule a Visit Now to Address Your Facial Injuries

Our team wants to help you by addressing soft tissue injuries, tooth loss, facial bone damage, and more. For more information on addressing injuries to your smile and bone structure, give us a call at Berks Oral Surgery in Berks County, PA at (610) 374-4093 today!

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