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Tooth loss is a fairly common occurrence, especially as people grow older. In fact, around one in four people at the age of 74 have fully lost their teeth, but even younger people can experience the loss of a tooth due to trauma, infection, or illness. If you are struggling with your smile due to missing or failing teeth, it is time to meet with a dentist to discuss your options in prosthodontic replacement.

At our oral surgery and dental implant clinics in Berks County, PA, we can help you to renew your smile after an instance of tooth loss. Whether you are missing a single tooth or need a full new set of implant-retained dentures, dental implants are proving to be a lasting solution that look beautiful and provide a strong bite. Schedule a consultation today to learn more about the advantages of biocompatible dental implants!

Dental Implants Work With The Science To Bring You A Prosthetic Tooth Replacement

The key to a dental implant is the use of a titanium post that your oral or maxillofacial surgeon places within the bone of your jaw. Through an amazing mechanism known as osseointegration, your body actually recognizes this material as if it were part of your own smile, like one of your natural teeth. As this titanium post remains in your jaw, the bone heals around the threads in the post, providing a stable foundation for your prosthetic replacement.

While the dental implant is technically only this titanium post, the process commonly refers to the placement of a custom new prosthetic, as well. After you heal around the implant post, your prosthodontic expert can attach an artificial new tooth to it, giving you back the look and function of your natural material. Since this connects separately, your provider can replace it if it needs adjusting or becomes damaged.

Dental Implants Can Be Useful In A Wide Variety Of Tooth Loss Circumstances

Unlike with some other forms of traditional prosthodontic replacement, dental implants can work in any area of the mouth. They can also be helpful in the replacement of multiple teeth, which can be a relief for those who are expecting to lose additional teeth due to age or illness-related issues.

If you are looking for a full new set of dentures, ask your provider about an implant-retained solution instead. This process uses a set number of implant posts to secure a full new custom denture to the bone in your jaw!

Schedule Your Consultation With Our Berks County Dental Implant Team Today!

When you need to replace your missing or failing teeth, talk to our office about setting up a time to talk. For more information on dental implants, give us a call at Berks Oral Surgery in Berks County, PA at (610) 374-4093 today!

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