What Makes Dental Implants Last?

While effective, traditional bridges and removable dentures offer about ten years of tooth replacement. In comparison, dental implants can last for decades, with a 95% success rate at the ten-year mark. But what makes them last so much longer when compared to other tooth replacement options? Our Wyomissing, PA oral surgery and dental implant center explains what makes them provide years of quality tooth replacement!

Planning Your Placement

First, we want to better understand the factors behind your tooth loss. We will employ CT imaging to look at the state of your jawbone and identify any issues that need treatment, such as periodontal disease. Our team then chooses the best areas and positions to insert the dental implant posts. When we’re ready for placement, our team will administer a local numbing agent to the area where the new posts are being placed, and also offer sedation to ensure you’re calm and comfortable throughout the process.

Securing Your New Tooth Roots

The dental implant posts are what make your new teeth last. Each one is a small titanium cylinder that is biocompatible, accepted by the body as natural bone structure. Which means when we insert them directly into your jaw, the body sees them as roots and bonds with them through a process known as osseointegration. You now have posts that act as new roots, which then give your new teeth the potential to last for decades to come or possibly even a lifetime with proper care and attention.

Crowns and Dentures

Now you know about the posts and how they secure teeth for years to come, what about the parts people see when you smile? After we insert the posts and they bond with the jaw, we will attach abutments so we can connect the restorations or prosthetics. For an individual option, our team will connect a custom crown to the post. The crown is designed to look natural and also provide a durable chewing surface. The custom nature also means a properly balanced bite too. For more severe tooth loss, we could connect a bridge or even a full set of dentures to multiple posts in the smile. You now have a prosthetic that lasts far longer than traditional ones, and that doesn’t need to be removed for cleaning or soaking.

If you have any questions about supporting new teeth that last decades with dental implants, then contact our team today to learn more. Everyone deserves a full and beautiful smile!

Do You Have Missing Teeth?

If you have gaps in your smile due to tooth loss, then reach out to our team to talk about your dental implant options. You can contact Berks Oral Surgery by calling (610) 374-4093. We have offices in Wyomissing, Exeter, Hamburg, and Ephrata, PA.